Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I think too much

My nervousness over this morning's impending space shuttle launch feels silly.

It's not like I'm there. I have no loved ones involved. I'm not connected to the US space program in any way. I have no vested interests in this.

I did, however, have a horrible scary dream about it.

This is pretty much how I go through life. I'm guided by my dreams. I'm deeply affected by everything that happens in my dreams. It's not like I go searching for meaning; it's just that I wake up with the feeling that I'm supposed to find meaning. There's something telling me that there's a message in there somewhere and I'm supposed to find it. Often, during the day, my dreams come back to me, out of the blue, elbowing me, egging me on. Figure me out.

What the hell is a doomsday explosion of the space shuttle supposed to mean?