Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Make Up Your Mind

They swarm me
In my coat, coffee in hand
Question? Question? Question?
Decision! Decision! Decision!
I barely open my eyes
Sit at my desk
Hug the coffee
And decide.

They go away,
And the invisible ones start
Emails and phone calls
What do you think?
What should I do?
I'm still back there
With the last discussion
But I take a sip
And decide.

The lunch bell rings,
But it doesn't stop.
Lettuce? Tomato? Fries?
Decide! Decide! Decide!
I can barely think
Because I'm still back there
But I reach into my wallet
And decide.

They swarm me
In my coat, Diet Coke in hand
Again and again.
Some are interesting
Most are lame.
Think for yourself, people!
But why should they
When I'm here
To decide.

Swarmed again.
I can't remember the last one.
What did I say? Yeah, that.
I can't remember. So confused.
Look at my notes,
Blank paper, no time for notes.
The bell rings, they leave.
It's finally time.
I'm done.

I pack my bag,
Grab sunglasses, purse
The traffic is nuts, damn construction!
Which way should I go?
Decide! Decide!
I follow the lakeshore
Should I drive straight in?
Another day, another decision.
The same decision.
I'm still here.

They swarm me
In my coat, detached and listless
I fall to the couch, and curl up.
Question? Question? Question?
Decide! Decide! Decide!
I can't fire them either
(And wouldn't, of course)
But thinking is futile
I cannot decide.
Get your own damn supper.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger kim (weltek) said...


At 7:40 AM, Blogger Buggy said...

I'm with Kim, totally genius.
So well written I could feel it.

Such a gift with words you have, Frisky.


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