Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who's this chicque?

Lookit that pathetic thing down there. Ha!

Whining about job, job, job as if it were The Only Thing.

She should be ashamed to call herself Frisky. See, one of the side benefits of getting married is that you can divorce that which once was. Not the reason I did it, but I have noticed that it is a pretty decent by-product.

Frisky Lastname is now Frisky Newlastname. It's like being reborn!

On Monday I will make my way to the bank to make the official change there. Then I have to call the phone company, hydro, utilities, cable and satellite companies. Then the schools and the library, and the Ministry of Transportation. By the end of the week, I'll be a new person! (It's a good thing I'm out of work...that's a lotta phone callin.)

I'm excited because next week I also get to do my best friend. She's on holidays from that awful place. There have been others fired since me, and now they're trying to get the union in. Too late for me, but I'm really worried about my friend, so this could be good for her. I've never been a union person, but it would have saved me, so obviously I have to say that they're not so bad after all.

Sooo, what else? Oh! I'm getting old. Have to go bifocal. Which sucks for my contacts, but the glasses I wear part-time have to be updated.

Being a woman of leisure makes me want more leisure. How I dread getting back in the workforce after the summer (that is, if I can). I bought a new swing for my deck, and I made sure I got one that folds out into bed. I may just move out there. :)

Having been married before, nothing is really different for me, but I have to laugh at DH who keeps looking at his ring. It's kind of cute.

That's it. I'm boring when I'm happy. :)


At 1:52 AM, Blogger Puffy said...

For the new eyeglasses, one word: progressive lenses. Well, that's 2 words.

Do you have a passport? You'll need to change that, too.

Again, congratulations on the marriage!


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