Thursday, December 09, 2004

Creative Financing

Well, I did it again this year. I am in awe of my creative financing abilities. :)

I accessed an extra several hundred dollars from a finance company. Yep, ridiculous interest rates, stoopid insurance plans worked into the total borrowed (read the fine print!) -- and for what? So that I know that we will have a decent Christmas and still have groceries and still have a birthday for my youngest. It's worth it, really.

Debt has never really bothered me. I don't understand why the bank guy gets so upset when he looks at all my debt. I sit there like there's nothing wrong, and he's scrolling down the screen of credit cards and finance companies and banks, and I'm like so what, dude? I can pay the monthly payments. I have what is called manageable debt. :)

Doesn't everyone have debt? So what if so-and-so has a brand new car? They're in debt! I borrow money, yes, but I pay it back, too. In full. And then every few years, I clean house and consolidate. Big whoop.

So the lady across the desk from me today is trying to talk me into wiping out my credit cards and stuff. Why? All I want is a few hundred bucks this month. It'll be paid off in a half a year. Yes, I know I didn't plan very well for Christmas. No, I don't want to start a savings plan for next Christmas. It's how I work. I have a decent roof over my head, I have a damn nice lawn and garden, not a bad little car, we eat well. I have life insurance that will cover my debts plus leave a nice little nest egg for my kittens if anything should happen to me.

Every month, I get paid, I pay my various debts, and live on the remainder along with DH's pay for the month.

I wonder what it would be like to pay off all my debts. To have no bills, except for utilities, groceries, etc. Wouldn't that be like having no purpose? Who would make the bank guy pull his hair out? People like him wouldn't have jobs if it weren't for people like me! Hmm...that's good. I'm going to use that line next time I call him to consolidate. :)


At 10:37 AM, Blogger cq said...

i hear ya, friskers. i have debt and probably will forever. damned student loans. who cares? it's just money. i wonder what it would be like to not have bills, and then i stop wondering because it's just not realistic for me. so why bother? :) happy sunday!


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