Monday, November 01, 2004

When is later?

I'm such a procrastinator. I'm at work, but I'm procrastinating. I'm not doing my work because I got all worried about procrastinating my blogging. So here I am.

I procrastinated my blog-work so badly that I forgot my username and my password. So I had to go grovelling to the blog gods for my secret info.

Don't get me wrong -- I had lots to write about over the last few days. Sometimes I just procrastinate for the sake of procrastinating. I think it's because it's part of my psyche. I think I am a procrastinator, I tell people I'm just the WORST procrastinator; therefore, I must strive to be the best procrastinator ever!!

You see, not only am I the world's best/worst procrastinator, but I'm also a people-pleaser. Since the people who know and love me know that I am a procrastinator, they have come to expect that behaviour from me. Therefore, by not procrastinating, I'm disappointing my loved ones. And THAT is unacceptable!

The time change is getting to me, too. Yeah, that's a good excuse.

Maybe the cure for procrastination lies within the behaviour itself. Hmmm...

Yes! That's it! I will procrastinate with my procrastination. "I think I'll just do this work now and procrastinate later." Hallejula! I'm cured!!

I'll let you know how my treatment pans out....sometime.


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